Updated: Dec 7, 2020

“I think we have finally found the piece of art you have been looking for”
Embrace VII by Fabian Perez
"Embrace VII" by Fabian Perez

These were the words I heard from my local #artgallery the day before I found myself standing in front of a most beautiful original artwork by #FabianPerez. I stood there, mesmerised; observing a shiver vibrating through my body. Was this the one?

I have purchased numerous pieces of art before from various artists. Landscapes to more abstract paintings, all of which where hung in order to provide a sense of fun or beauty as they filled a blank wall and matched the furniture or function of the room.

So what was different this time? Why did this piece create such an emotive reaction?

In the past few years I have experienced a significant shift in my life. The only way I can explain it, is similar to Wayne Dyer when he said it is the moment a person is lucky to move from the morning to the afternoon of their life. This was when I finally observed and faced my unwarranted fears, guilt and shame. All of which has led to a new incredible journey, not a socially driven life one, but a self-authoring life in which I choose to #livemytruth.

So I sit here now admiring my Fabian Perez painting, and I wonder one thing. Would I have purchased this emotive artwork, if it wasn’t for this shift in my life? #Emotiveart isn’t ‘safe’ art and I realise that the feelings I get from this piece are because I connect to it on a deeper level. Yes it could also represent beauty or a moment in history; and certainly it was an investment - however the investment was not in money, the investment was in myself.

What I now realise is that there are so many emotions triggered when I admire this piece of Fabian Perez art, as well as when I admire #RTILY art. Emotions which are stored deep within me and come from significant events in my life; all of which represent who I am now.

So what is this shiver running through me?
"Dark Knight of the Soul" my shift by RTILY

It is e-motion, or energy-in-motion. That, for me, is what defines emotive art. When we are able to feel and connect deep with ourself.

We should never question when we are privileged to experience and observe these feelings, and if art is able to make this happen then I would urge you to BUY IT. Buy the piece that opens up your feelings. Let it into your heart, your life and give it a home.

Your Love Is The Reason