In my case, both. I want my #collectors to feel emotions of joy, inspiration, confidence and fulfilment; whilst they feel happy with their investment which will last a lifetime, and be passed down to others.

For centuries, people have encountered #artworks that have touched them on a profound level. What started as a basic form of communication has evolved into a deeper way to connect with others, including ourselves.

Art is bought for many reasons, here’s how I see it:

1. Money Investment drives much of the #artindustry and is sometimes done by people who may not be so keen on art. Whether these investors appreciate art for “good” reasons is debatable; their obsession isn’t – and it’s primarily concerned with capital.


It’s been mentioned that art connects people; and though big spenders are economically disconnected from others, they still desire belonging. The question, then, becomes: belong to what? Consider that when one goes to an #artauction or a fair, they may participate in bidding to feel connected. Some say leaving without spending causes emptiness, that buying high-class art gets them high and even fills a spiritual void. But not everyone who spends extravagantly has the same mindset, some purchase artworks for themselves and some purchase in order to join organisations and donate the artwork for charitable causes. Fundraisers for and through art are incredibly popular and generate a ton of money, likely due to art’s transformative potential.

3. History

#Art is like a snapshot in time in which the #artist painted with their perspective as well as their brush. And some collectors seek to preserve that. The historical significance of #artwork is therefore a huge motivating factor for whether a piece of art is purchased; and a psychological desire to be part of a larger movement for the greater good is usually at the centre.

4. Beauty

People #buyart to add beauty to an environment, to create an impression of sophistication, to create an atmosphere, to match a sofa, to fill a blank space or as a gift. Simple. Straightforward.

However, if the beauty allows you to ask a question, such as “who is she?” then this goes beyond beauty...

5. Emotions

I create and sell emotions. They come out in the form of #RTILY. Humans need tangible outlets to express complex, inexpressible emotions and experiences to make sense of them and gain perspective. And art sweetly, though not always pleasantly, delivers. In my opinion, great art is meant to challenge not only people’s minds but the deepest corners of their hearts and beings. What would the world look like if more people allowed themselves to #feel?

For me as an artist, RTILY in many ways represents my inner liberation, it allows me to release the most incredible, powerful #emotions. The ones I never knew existed. I have learned more about myself in the past 7 months than ever before and I encourage all my collectors to experience the beauty and strength within themselves, by looking at my art. My art is not “safe”, yet if you really connect to it, it will give you emotional safety. RTILY is whatever or whoever you need or want her to be. She’s someone you value, that incredibly beautiful, wise family member that always looks out for you. She’s your other half, a loving partner. She’s that loyal friend that always encourages you. She’s your secret, the person you never speak of. She’s the inner child that lives in your soul. She’s your emotions. SHE is YOU. #Investinyourself

Remember That I Love You