Happy New Giggles!

Then I hear that giggle! How can I describe it?

Well, I am not sure I can. It is totally unique in every way; like the little laugh you get when tickling a baby and, of course, it is always accompanied by the most beautiful smile. Often it only lasts a few moments, sometimes a few minutes, before it is back to business to finish another special RTILY #masterpiece. However, it is at that moment, with that giggle, I know that she is nearly complete.

I am so privileged. For me it is a most exceptional gift, being able to watch her create her artwork. It’s like watching an episode from RTILY’s incredible story of emotions and life; I am hooked! This isn’t someone building a new Christmas Lego set – with all the pieces provided, laid out on the table, a set of instructions and a picture of the what the finished product is going to look like. This is true originality and creativity; watching someone find inspiration, visualise it, connect to it, and then magically use just their fingers on a canvas to create a piece of art expressing and sharing it; the only instructions this time come from their mind, their heart and their soul.

My heart goes out to RTILY and all artists in this world, you are all geniuses and the inspiration of our lives.

Being in the presence of RTILY is truly fascinating. I can physically feel her creative and emotive energy building up over time to a moment when there is no other option, she has to sketch. It must build up like bubbles in a bottle of fizzy drink; with some (e)motion applied to the bottle, the pressure increases and it has to be released. Sometimes you might open the bottle slowly, controlling the air as it exits, however with RTILY it is often more like a champagne cork – give it a gentle nudge and BANG, everything releases. The immensity is sometimes overwhelming to see, and I am sure it is mentally exhausting for her - I often find myself having to remind her to stop to eat, or even get some sleep! Her excitement, emotions and energy flowing so much that for her stopping isn’t an option until the pressure has gone.

I watch and observe as she creates. Her fingers dancing across the digital canvas. Energy levels deep and intense until ‘the giggle moment’, as I call it.

Have you ever enjoyed to a piece of music when the DJ teases with its intensity, changing the track in a way that you are desperate for him to drop it! I can only describe ‘the giggle moment’ as that point; when the DJ finally drops the beat and you feel it vibrate throughout your body. My observation is that this ‘giggle moment’ is when the shift happens, the #breakthrough, the point where inspiration and emotions have all been recognised so you can finally breathe again. It is funny as often it feels like I am also holding my breath with her until I hear the giggle, as it is at that moment I know that she is happy, she is complete, she is at one with the creation.

So, to you RTILY, thank you for all those ‘giggle moments’ and here’s to many more in 2021 and beyond.

Happy New Giggles to you all.

Your Love Is The Reason