March 2020 - #Lockdown

“No more work” I heard you say. “The #artgallery has shut its doors and fashion retail has been put on hold, so no more #fashionillustrations required”. The obvious question went through my head, “what would you do and how long could you survive without a job?” It wasn’t like the government were jumping through hoops to support the #artindustry! Like everyone, we hoped the lockdown was only going to last for a few weeks before things get back to normal. How wrong were we…

After finding yourself with no work there was only one thing to do; however was this really the best time to start a #newbusiness as an #independentartist. At the end of the day this was always your dream and this moment has given you the opportunity to make that brave move to become a #fulltimeartist. The aim was to build a portfolio to share with as many people as possible in the hope that people would connect with RTILY and you would start to sell. Having myself been overwhelmed by your artwork I was sure this was going to be easy, and the ‘to do’ list seemed simple:

  1. Create a website (

  2. Join the social media world

  3. Sketch

  4. Sell art

  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4!

November 2020 - Another Lockdown:

Well, what can I say, apart from the initial ‘to do’ list was a little too optimistic and so much has happened. As well as creating more and more incredible pieces of art you have:

  • Tick - Created and launched a fully functional e-commerce website

  • Tick - Set up a Google business account with google marketing

  • Tick - Achieved over 3,000 amazing followers on Instagram with over 30 posts

  • Tick - Set up LinkedIn and written numerous articles

  • Tick - Videos showing the unique process you go through to create your art

  • Tick - Established a partnership with a printer, prepared a physical portfolio

  • Tick - Completed hand embellished bespoke originals

  • Tick - Not caught #Covid19!

  • Tick - Sold some art, hooray!

Some reflections to date:

What a journey so far. No business is easy to #startup and I can honestly say that out of all the businesses I have been a part of, this is both the most exciting and the hardest. I experienced so many emotions in the last months and have had to remember that all emotions are powerful in their own way - it is ultimately how we observe and embrace them that will allow us to succeed - easily said! The art market is tough though, it is so saturated, and finding potential #artbuyers is like finding a needle in a haystack. At times you have questioned the journey and considered finding a ‘proper job’, but never have you questioned the dream.

So, continue to #create and together we will discover the next chapter of RTILY, show people all the power and beauty and find her a place in their hearts and homes.

You are never alone, we are dreaming together.

Your Love Is The Reason